Mountain Meadows Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The cemetery is governed by the bylaws of the Trinity Cemetery Association, Incorporated, and the following rules and regulations. The rules and regulations contained herein are subject to change without notice by the Board of Directors of the Trinity Cemetery Association, Incorporated.


1. Grave Selection and Purchase

a. Grave(s) will be selected with the aid of the Superintendent, or his designee, and reservation made with the Secretary, who will issue a contract to the purchaser. Upon full payment a deed shall be issued.

Reservations will be held for thirty days awaiting return of the signed contract, and a minimum of ten percent of the cost of the total number of graves reserved as down payment. The remaining balance must be paid within ninety days of the contract date. If payment is not received within that time, the down payment will be forfeited, (unless the cemetery is informed in writing to cancel the contract, and within ten days prior to the ninety day reservation date),
and any unpaid reserved graves will be reclaimed by the cemetery, and become subject to resale to any interested party.

b. For any grave purchased at the time of a death, and for immediate use, the decedent’s next of kin, or responsible party, must pay in full the cost of such grave, and all cemetery charges incurred, associated with the interment. If additional graves are desired adjacent to such immediate need grave, they can be contracted for, reserved, and billed on the same basis as described in section 1. a.

c. The availability and placement of bonafide indigent burials will be at the discretion of the Association.

2. The size of all graves will measure forty inches wide by ten feet in length, and will be priced depending on their locations as set forth by the board of directors.

3. No transfer of ownership of any grave(s) may be transacted without written application, and permission of the Association.

4. Any owner of a grave(s) wishing to sell any portion thereof must be sold back to the cemetery only, and upon written application to the Association for approval. The Association reserves the right to determine if such grave(s) have the ability for transfer and or resale, or to deny such transfer. In the event any grave(s) are repurchased by the cemetery the current bonafide owner shall be entitled to eighty percent of the purchase price as determined by the Association.

5. When a person is to be buried in a grave, and is not the original deed holder, or rightful heir, an order in writing will be required from the original deed holder or rightful heir, or his authorized agent giving permission for such interment to be allowed. In any event, and in all such cases the cemetery association or board of directors will not be held liable in any way for unauthorized,or misrepresented applications for interment.

6. To insure the proper regulation of the ground, the grade of all graves shall be determined by the Association.

7. No sign indicating that any grave(s) is for sale will be permitted.

8. Tin cans or glass containers used as vases for decorating graves will not be permitted.

9. The planting of trees, shrubs, or bushes of any kind will not be permitted anywhere in the cemetery. Any plantings of trees, shrubs, or bushes will be done by the cemetery as per the landscape plan included in the original site plan, and including all maintenance, placement, upkeep, and if deemed necessary, removal.

10. The only plantings allowed will be that of flowers, either annual or perennial, and only within an area in front of a monument, to extend not more than the width of the base of the monument, and not more than twelve inches out from the base of the monument. No planting will be allowed around flush markers. No fencing or coping will be allowed. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any or disallow any plantings deemed unsightly by the discretion of the board of directors. Visitors are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead and that a strict observance of the decorum which should characterize a cemetery will be required by all.

11. Artificial flowers are not permitted.

12. Cemetery visitation hours are daily from dawn to dusk as permitted by weather.

13. All summer decorations must be removed no later than October 1, and all winter decorations must be removed no later than March 31.

14. The laws of the State of Connecticut concerning cemeteries and burials will be strictly observed.

15. The cemetery is not responsible for any items which are lost, stolen, or missing from the cemetery grounds.

16. The maximum speed limit within the cemetery shall not exceed 10 miles per hour.


1. The opening of a grave will be under the direction of the Superintendent or his authorized agent.

2. The opening and closing cost of a grave, including that for the interment of cremated human remains will be determined by the Board of Directors, and is subject to change without notice. Unforeseen obstructions such as excessive frost, ledge, boulders, etc. will be charged at cost, in addition to weekend, holiday, or overtime fees if so charged.

3. Under no circumstances will an interment be allowed until all fees have been paid, and a properly executed burial permit is received.

4. During certain periods of the year inclement weather may dictate postponing an interment, and require the placement of the remains in a receiving vault until such time as the Superintendent deems conditions allowable and safe.

5. All interments shall only be allowed in sealed permanent-type burial vaults, as set forth in the original Site Plan filed with the Town of Seymour.

6. Cremated human remains must be interred in a suitable permanent-type cremation urn or container. The superintendent reserves the right to disallow any container he deems unfit.

7. Each grave as described heretofore allows for one full size adult interment only. The only exception would be to allow the addition of not more than one cremated remains interment on any one grave, or a mother and her baby. If a full size grave is purchased for the interment of cremated remains explicitly, not more than two interments would be allowed in such grave.


1. The location and erection of all monuments or markers will be done under the direction of the Superintendent in accordance with the cemetery regulations.

2. All monuments or markers considered must be presented for approval in writing to the Superintendent prior to installation.

3. Synthetic monument media are not allowed. Only monuments constructed of granite, or bronze will be allowed. Marble is allowed in statuary forms only. Wooden monuments, and those crafted from boulders are not allowed.

4. All upright monuments, and slant monuments will be required to be set on a concrete foundation, which will be provided by the cemetery at cost as set forth by the board of directors.

5. All flush markers must be no less than two feet by one foot, and not less than four inches thick. All flush markers will be set by the cemetery under the direction of the Superintendent. The cost of such will be determined by the Board of Directors.

6. The base width of memorials on single interment graves may not exceed thirty six inches, or have a height more than thirty six inches.

7. Corner stones and/or copings are not allowed.

8. Hickey markers and slant markers will not be additionally allowed in the case where an upright monument is to be used. However flush markers may be allowed.

9. No monument work will be allowed while a service for interment is being conducted. Work may resume upon the dispersal of the attendants of such service.

10. No monuments will be erected until all fees have been paid.